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A family that has been making fireworks for three generations. We are specialist wholesalers and retailers of fireworks. Our knowledge and skills are derived from the experience of three generations, allowing us to constantly expand our group of regular customers. We only work with reputable, globally-known firework manufacturers. We mostly deliver to private companies, individual customers, supermarket chains, state bodies and non-governmental organisations. Our flexible approach to our customers’ needs allows us to provide professional and non-professional firework products, as well as paintball and ASG equipment.
We participate in firework events in Poland and abroad. Competing against the best firework show firms additionally motivates us to improve our skills, fight for first place at the various events we attend, as well as to perfectly perform firework shows for our individual customers. We are often the only representatives of our country at international firework festivals. However, with all the momentum gained at professional shows, we haven’t forgotten about admirers of reasonably-priced fireworks who regularly visit our stationary and online stores. We offer several hundred types of fireworks: from common bangers, through batteries of fireworks and rockets, to professional sets intended for firework shows. The products described on both the Non-professional fireworks and Professional fireworks pages feature high quality, interesting designs and innovative effects. Their safe, modern reliable structure is proved by CE and ADR safety certificates. A professionally-selected range and attractive prices allow us to constantly expand our group of regular customers. A licence granted by the Ministry of Interior and Administration certifies our qualifications to perform firework shows and trade in professional goods, classified 1.1 – 1.3G.

We are co-founder of the Association of Importers and Distributors of Pyrotechnics

We are co-fouder of the Family Enterprise Initiative

We are co-fouder of the
European Fireworks Association „EUFIAS”.

Our fireworks are certificated
according ADR regulation

Our fireworks has CE mark

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Our consultants will be happy to help you choose the right products – whether you’re an individual customer or a fireworks shop. We also offer specialised transport of fireworks, as well as free advertising and training materials for our products and the current regulations on trade of pyrotechnical materials. We provide e-consulting services to quickly clarify all issues.

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