Cake Fire Droid Superpower

Fire Droid

Battery Fire Droid

Cake Fire Droid Superpower

Battery Fire Droid

Item no:Battery B44-4825

Packing: 4/4
Caliber: 48mm
Certyficate: CE KL.3 ADR 1.3G

Battery Fire Droid – 44 shots

Effect: green tail to green palm with crackling,red tail to red star with white glitter, red tail to purple star with green glitter, green tail to green palm with golden glitter,red tail to red wave and white glitter;green tail to yellow wave and crackling;yellow palm with crackling.

Exposition time : 50 s

Fire Droid is a very nice battery with 44 glitter shots. This battery is perfect for a special moment on your show. Perfect for weddings and romantic occasions.

Dazzle your friends with us today!

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