Cake Fire Challenge Superpower

Fire Challenge

Battery Fire Challenge

Cake Fire Challenge Superpower

Battery Fire Challenge

Item no:Battery GMIX153

Packing: 3/1
Caliber: 25mm
Certyficate: CE KL.3 ADR 1.4G

Battery Fire Challenge – 153 shots

Effect:crackling tail to green peony, crackling tail to yellow peony; crackling tail to blue peony, crackling tail to silver glitter, green tail to lemon peony+time rain, green tail to purple palm+ green glitter, green tail to green palm + time rain.

Exposition time: 88s

Fire Challenge is a complex battery, it fires 153 shots. You will be impressed by the colors, explosions, effects! This battery is it! Take it with you, show the audience and it will win your sympathy.

Dazzle your friends with us today!

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