Cake Kontrabanda Superpower


Battery Kontrabanda

Cake Kontrabanda Superpower

Battery Kontrabanda

Item no:Battery B62-2520

Packing: 8/1
Caliber: 25mm
Certyficate: CE KL.3 ADR 1.4G

Battery Kontrabanda -62 shots

Effect: red tail to brocade crown, green tail to brocade crown , red tail to golden glitter willow, green tail to green glitter willow, red tail to time rain willow with green glitter, green tail to crackling willow with green star.

Exposition time: 58 s

Kontrabanda is a battery that gives a real blow. He has 62 shots and lasts almost a whole minute. The effects are amazing, it will impress everyone who sees it.

Dazzle your friends with us today!

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